Drying Liners

Wet and cold, the worst combination ever!, especially when it comes to your liners. You need to keep your ski boot liners as dry as possible. 

You should dry your liners after every day you ski! In order to do this properly you need to take your liner out of the boot shell. You should also take out your footbeds so they can dry properly. If you don’t remove the liner out of the boot to dry, they will start to stink way quicker. Not just that, but the liner foam will start to break down slowly which means less foot hold and less ski days for you.
One thing you will notice after leaving the liner in the boot to dry is that in between the liner and the shell a chalky residue starting to develop. This should be a warning sign to change your habits, do not to leave a wet liner to dry in the boot!
Also if you are skiing couple of days in a row any residual moisture left in your liner will cause your feet to freeze the next day. This is not fun and you have been warned!

Taking your liner out
First of all, unbuckle all your buckles and point the boot with the toe area towards you. Grasp your hand behind the top of the liner. Now all you have to do is pull the liner towards you until it pops right out. Super easy!

Putting the liner back in
This is slightly more difficult than taking the liner out. You need to grab the liner around the ankle area and point the toe into the boot. With your other hand you want to open the throat of the boot enough to get the liner in. Push the liner halfway in to save your knuckles from punishment. Finish the job by pushing the liner down from the calf area.
Be sure that you do this every time after you’re done skiing. This is a mandatory excercise in looking after your ski boots!