Learn more about Ski Boots

Ski Boot Performance

What is it that actually drives performance in a ski boot?

Is it all just about the flex ratings? There are several elements that all work together to determine how...

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Grinding Ski Boots

Grinding your ski boots will require some skills with power tools, but it can be a fantastic option to create extra space and relieve pressure points....

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Ski Boot Sizing

So how do select a ski boot with the right size for your feet? In this episode we take a closer look at ski boot sizing and how that relates to...

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Measuring your feet for ski boots

Measuring your feet is the best way to be clear on what ski boot will fit you. If you want to achieve a comfortable and well fitted ski boot, knowing your...

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Sore Ankles

Are you getting slammed on the ankle bones inside your ski boots?

Often pain occurs on the medial malleolus, or inside ankle.

This is caused only by a...

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Toe and Heel Lugs

So as the components that lock your boot into your bindings. Your toe and heel lugs are a critical part of your ski boots and you need to...

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Heat Molding Liners

Do you have a new pair of boots or a replacement pair of liners?

Want to make your liners as comfortable as possible?

Well it is going to be a...

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Burning Feet

Why are your feet burning? 

If you feel like your feet are on fire while skiing, specifically the burning sensation that can be experienced in the forefoot. The most common...

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