Putting on Ski Boots

Putting your ski boots on in the morning should not be a battle! 

If you approach this with the right technique, you will be able to get your ski boots on and off easily. These few steps will show you the best techniques for getting your ski bootson and off. Especially on those cold mornings.

Start off by standing firmly, sitting down will make the process more difficult. If your sitting down you can't get any leverage, it will be twice as hard for you to get in and you'll look like a goober! No one wants that!

Try to open the ski boot as far as you can:- An overlap ski boot will have its inside part will always overlap the outside. You should open the throat as much as possible. An easy way to the remember the right way is "Up and Across". Using the tongue by moving it forward won't make it work, because that way you are not opening anything up.- A three piece boot is easier to get into. You can use the tongue to open up the whole throat of the boot. Just follow the technique as with an overlap ski boot and you won't have any issues.

Do not twist your foot in. Just go straight down with the toes and push with your heel. This will stop you from getting caught half way. Keep your balance while doing this.

Taking the ski boot off is a lot easier than putting one on. Just push down with your hand the top of the cuff and lift your heel.

Watch out though! If there is ice in the carpark, you might end up on your ass!