How Ski Boots should Feel

Are you sure on how a ski boot should feel on your feet?

One of the biggest problems with people selecting ski boots is that most people are used to buying shoes with extra space in the toes. We need to have a much snugger fit when it comes to ski boots, where extra space can be the cause of a lot of pains.

So here I want to cover the sensations that you should feel when you are in a correctly fitting boot.

Here’s what you should feeling in the right boot for you. Step by step:

  • When you step into the boot you will always slide right up the front. To release the pressure on the toes, we then have to get your foot to settle back into the heel pocket. Do this do a small kick with your heel. Buckle up the 2 top buckles to secure you back, release the pressure and be locked into place.You shouldnt then have a bunch of space.
  • You should still feel a sensation with your toes. This sensation will be coming from contacting the liner. You still want to be able to move your toes, but just up and down. This movement will be the key to having good blood flow when the weather is cold. 
  • You don’t want any lateral movement inside the boot. A good snugness and no excessive pressure on the bridge of your foot or on the fifth metatarsal bone.
  • The instep is where you want to feel locked in. So over the foot and around the ankles. This is where all your drive and control will come from. The second buckle down being your most important to get that security.
  • The heel should not be making any lateral movements side to side. Lifting your heel up in the back won’t show you if your heel is secure. Your foot being maliable will always allow some up and down movement. But we never do this action while skiing so only test by feel and by flexing and turning.
  • And last but not least you should be having nice and even contact throughout the base of your foot. An even contact and a stable balance is what you should be feeling.

So keep these sensations in mind when you are next in your boots or when you are trying on a boot. It will be helpful in making your selection or improving your fit.