Measuring your feet for ski boots

Measuring your feet is the best way to be clear on what ski boot will fit you. If you want to achieve a comfortable and well fitted ski boot, knowing your foot's shape and dimensions gives you the best reference to compare to a boot shell.

How to measure your feet at home:

Start by tracing your foot on to a piece of paper. From here you can see a great outline of the foot shape. Compare the shape of your foot to the shape of a ski boot shell to find a good match.

You can use a ruler or tape measure to accurately measure your foots length in cm and width in mm.

What Length are your Feet?

Your foot's length (in cm) is crucial in choosing which mondopoint size of boot will fit you. -Remember your foots length in cm equals the mondopoint size of boots you should look at!

What Width are your Feet?

Your foot's width (in mm) will determine which last dimension or boot width you need to look at. -Remember that boot width scales up and down in size from a mondopoint size 26/26.5.

Foot Volume

Then you should take a measurement of the instep. This is the cm measurement from one side of the heel over and around the ankles to the other side of the heel. This will let you know your instep height. You will need to be focused on this if you have a large instep height as this will greatly effect your ski boot choice.

(A regular instep height will match the foot length in cm)

Arch Type and foot Mobility

A little more advanced, but knowing this is helpful in selecting a footbed to stabilize your feet and give you the best comfort in your ski boots.




What to do with these measurements?

From these measurements you can deduce which types and sizes of ski boots will work for your feet.

Here I go through Ski Boot Sizing.

 And here I go through how to check if that ski boot fits you properly with Ski Boot Shell Fitting!


Patriot on March 09 2019 at 09:54AM

Hi Trevor,
It would be beneficial to trace your feet in both positions. That way, you will be able to see how much your feet expand once weighted. :)

Trevor on March 09 2019 at 09:51AM

Should tracing / measuring of foot be done while seated or standing?

Sunny on January 05 2019 at 11:21AM

Hi Craig,
VERY GRATEFUL for your Bootorials and website, wish I discovered them earlier. I still have a question about proper sizing and fitting. I learnt that shell size is the same for each size and a following half, in my case 24.0 and 24.5. If liners allow thermo heat, can a 24.0 liner extend to 24.5 in one spot only? My big toe is 1cm longer than the rest of the toes, so when I go into proper 24.5, there is too much space for the rest of the toes, and it adds to my foot get cold. A smaller liner could also address my narrow foot issue measuring 89mm that brings me to last 96 available in racing boots only. Being light weighted and not a racer, stiff racing boots worry me, though i love their forward lean degree. Other narrow fit boots with last 98 for size 24.5 are somewhat roomy. I assume moulded shell can’t extend from size 23 to size 24 in the big toe area?
Thank you!!

Patriot on August 31 2017 at 07:18PM

Hi Marcello,
Thanks for the kind feedback!
It will be really dependant on your foot volume and how narrow/wide your lower leg and heels are. But most likely you would go well in a 102-104mm last.
It will be very beneficial to check the shell sizing of the boot compared to your feet and find a boot shape that matches well naturally.

Marcello Jansen on August 29 2017 at 04:29AM

First and foremost, congratulations for the great tutorials.

Please, which should be the last of a ski boot for a feet 27.5cm long and 111mm wide ?

Thanks, Marcello.

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