How to Heat Mold Patriot Footbeds


Patriot Footbeds are designed to provide unparalleled support and comfort for skiing. The amazing thing about the latest version of the footbeds, is that they are completely heat moldable.  

Before you go ahead and dive into this process, we highly recommend that you go and ski on the footbeds for a couple of days to let them naturally bed in.

Due to the dynamic construction, by naturally molding them with your skiing, you are able to retain the maximum performance capabilities of the footbeds. Also the fit you will form stays very precise and reactive to your feet.

However if you find them to be still a little strong in their support under your feet, you are able to mellow them out quite easily. To gain a true custom fit, you can mold them down to adjust and be perfectly contoured to your individual feet. 


Here are the instructions for how to successfully complete the heat molding process.


1. Prepare for molding.

Place on to an oven safe tray and preferably on top of some baking paper to ensure the base material is not touching metal. 


2. Set your Oven

Caution: Avoid overheating your footbeds.

The maximum temperature is 82°C (180°F), and the ideal heating time is 5 minutes.


3. Install heated footbeds back into your ski boots.

Once heated, your footbeds will become quite malleable. Work swiftly to reinsert them into your ski boot liners, and then place the liners back into your boots. Put your ski boots back on and stand in them for 5-10 minutes to achieve the desired molding.


4. Enjoy the Transformation

Now, enjoy the newfound comfort and stoke of your true custom fit. As you hit the slopes, you will experience better turns and heightened performance.