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Ski Boots with Heat Moldable Plastic Shells

Heat molding is no longer just for ski boot liners!

In recent years, technology has advanced the plastics being used in ski boot shell construction. So much so, that now there is the possibility to completely reshape a boot to suit the unique shape of your foot with heat moldable plastic.

Traditionally, reshaping of a ski boot would require a boot fitter with the necessary skills and equipment to manually stretch and punch the shape into the boot.

Now it can be done with these certain moldable ski boots quite easily. The process is done by heating the plastic shell in a convection oven until it becomes warm and malleable. (usually 10mins at 80*C) You then stand in the boot until its cools down and sets to the shape of your foot.

There are a few brands that currently offer this technology in their ski boots. Let's take a look at them:


First on the scene with this technology was Salomon with their patented Kaprolene "Custom Shell". This Kaprolene is injected into certain areas of the shell. It began just in the forefoot and now has evolved to surrounding the whole foot and ankle area. Even some on the top of the cuff for molding for big calf muscles 

Custom Shell is available in these Boots: 

Quest Pro
Quest Max


Atomic has developed Memory Fit, which is a very similar concept and system to Salomon's. They have stepped it up a notch by featuring this Memory Fit in their super high performance race boot line. It is featured in these boots:

Redster FIS
Redster Pro
Hawx Magna


Form Fit is Heads latest technology. They include this in their new line of Freeski boots- The Hammer and The Thrasher which are a 3 piece design. Also the All Mtn. series with the Vector. As well as the wide fitting Advant Edge series that opens up great fitting options for the wide feet.

Advant Edge


Fischers moldable boots have been around for several years now with their Vacuum Fit boot offerings. This "Vacu Plast" offers a highly customisable fitting option by heating the boot shell and then using vacuum to reshape and adjust the shell to suit your needs. Nearly every aspect of these boots are moldable including setting the forward lean.

Offering a boad range of vacuum boot offerings with everything from their Race, high performance carve, all mtn and even touring boots.

RC4 Race
RC4 Performance



The newest on the scene is Dalbello with their MyFit system. Which molds the boots shell in 8 minutes and the liners as quick as 4 minutes. A great choice as it combines the great fit of Contour 4 with its targeted shape for common pressure points and now with MyFit will allow many feet to be happy wearing Dalbellos. 

IL Moro


K2 has joined the heat molding game with their FitLogix custom thermo shell technology which gives outstanding moldability and options for altering the fit.

Covering nearly their entire offering, there is some amazing ski boots being produced by K2 and now they are even more capable of offering a true custom fit. 


So these boots are all great options for skiers looking for a customized fit. Although they are very moldable, it is not a one size fits all. The appropriate boot shell and size will still need to be selected and then molded to suit.

Also a fantastic option for those with some irregularities to their feet in the fact that they can be easily changed to suit these lumps and bumps without having to get any specialty punching or stretch bootfitting done.

If you have any questions, let me know!




Patriot on March 12 2019 at 05:03PM

Hi Keith,

There are some great boots that will offer more cuff adjustment than others. Also there are some other tactics that will work on the horizontal plane without planing the soles. (shims, binding plates and footbed wedging)

But you wont find the moldability will go very far on this issue. You would get a little bit extra but not significant. If you are planing all of your boots soles to get flat, you may need to continue with that process.



Keith on March 12 2019 at 04:49PM

due to a combination of being knock-kneed and lower leg shape – especially the right leg, cuff adjustments don’t go far enough to get a flat ski. Boot sole planing is needed to get me there. Will any of these boots form to my alignment issues or will they also need to be planed?

Patriot on February 25 2019 at 10:38AM

Hi Myriah,

Yes you absolutely taget just the tongue to suit your calfs :)

I recommend just using a hairdryer or heat gun and slowly warming up the plastic of the tongue. Then either against your knee, or the edge of a table, you can fold back and flatten the curve of the tongue to give it a better shape.

This will then surround your leg nicer and also adapt better to the fit on your shin.

You can also do this process at the top of the liner if you need relief on the back of the calf.

Thanks again, enjoy the skiing,


Myriah on February 25 2019 at 10:32AM

I have the custom heat connect Xpro 90w- I am not planning on sticking them in the oven-especially with the heat set up included- but I am curious- can the tongue be remolded? I bought them used and the woman they came from must have had ZERO calves- they fit perfect everywhere except the tongue digging into my shins. I already love these boots and I don’t want to return them.

Patriot on February 04 2019 at 09:35AM

Hi Bob,
You would still set up the cuff alignment before you mold the boots. The molding is purely for the process of making the fit of the boots better suited to your foot shape.

Bob Manzella on February 04 2019 at 07:56AM

So will the boot provide proper cuff alignment? We once referred to this as canting. I’m tired of having my outside edges down.

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