Footbeds, footbeds, footbeds. Not much more important than a footbed. They make your feet comfortable, just that, right? Actually the list is a bit longer than that. Like, a lot longer.

Importance of footbeds
The foundation of your entire body are the footbeds. They are the link between your fleshy feet and the hard boots. 90% off peoples fit issues can be resolved with a footbed. With so much force being exerted on your body when skiing most of this pressure falls on the footbeds, therefore it’s very important to spread this pressure out as evenly as possible.

The ultimate goal of the footbeds is to get your feet into a neutral position. Without any support the feet tend to move inwards or pronates. This causes more pressure to the ankles, foot, lower leg. It causes shin bang, excess movement and blood flow issues through your ski boots.

Having a good alignment will improve your balance dramatically. The heel cup will cradle your heel and lock you in place. The arch support will draw your toes back, stabilize your foot and will get you into the best position inside your boots.

A good footbed will:
-Have a deep enough heel cup. It will lock you in place and will prevent any rotational movement or any sliding forward
-Have a Balanced even arch support which will prevent the pronation and elongation. This will keep your blood flowing from relieving pressure on the blood vessels. It will hold you in place and will stop you from slamming your toes in the front. The plantar fascia ligament will be protected by the supportive arch
-Having a good metatarsal pad will evenly distribute the pressure across the forefoot. It will bring all those bones in a nice alignment.

Types of foot beds
Trim to fit – Have a molded shape and just need the length trimmed
Heat molded – some customization ability with heat
Fully custom footbeds- Need a Bootfitter to build.

If you are currently skiing without a footbed, you should change this as soon as possible. Once you have skied on a quality footbed you will never go back and wonder why you havent done this all the time!

 If this subject peaks your interest, be sure to tune in to the follow up- Footbeds Advanced (coming soon)