Are your feet freezing inside your ski boots?

Spending the whole day skiing can be fun, but it can also be cold as hell. Nobody likes cold feet, well, maybe penguins, and polar bears, but they don’t ski and they don’t have cold feet! You don’t have to either.
There are various ways to keep your feet warm throughout the whole day. All you have to do is follow these few rules and your feet will be thankful!

The importance of high quality footbeds is off the chart. Good footbeds will give you the blood flow you need in your feet to keep them warm. Having those muscles relax will improve the blood circulation.

Boots must fit
Keeping your feet warm is all about circulation. Having tight boots will squeeze in your feet and make it the much needed blow flow harder to reach your toes and feet.

Ski socks
The thinner, the better. Let your liner do the insulating. You do not want too thick of socks messing with your liner. I recommend wool socks, since they can absorb any extra moisture and keep your feet dry.

Keep your feet dry
Start dry in the morning, stay dry through the day. When you mix wet and cold your feet will freeze. Once your feet get wet, they start freezing, blood stops flowing and guess what, your cold.

Dry Liners
Keep your liners dry, and dry them properly. Don’t leave any residual moisture in or you will have a bad time. By keeping them dry you will also extend their lives.

Pressure points
Any kind of pressure point can be harmful for the circulation of your blood. The foot is covered with arteries. Less blood, more cold. If you need customization of your boots, do that, your feet will thank you.
Be careful with the danger buckle, the buckle above the bridge of your foot. Don’t tighten it too much. You only need it for lateral support. Buckle it up with only one finger, it’s enough.

Good clothing
Keeping the rest of your body warm will provide more blood for the feet. The extremities are not the body’s priority. Once you start to get cold it will move the blood away from your feet and hands.

The On/Off Method

After 1-2 runs get your boots off quickly. 5-10 minutes will do the job. You will relax your muscles and get that blood flowing to your feet. Your liners will get warm and soften up.

Instep window
This window is designed to keep the pressure off of your medial cuneiform and peroneal nerves. If pressured they cause stabbing pain and will put your toes to sleep. Be careful with this process. You can grind more plastic off, but you can’t put it back on.