Cuff Alignment

Making sure your ski boots have the correct cuff alignment!

Pain on the side of your leg? Getting forced off balance? The cuff angle is not right for you? Don’t despair!

Is it canting? Is it wedging? No. It’s cuff alignment!

Brought to the most fundamental level, cuff alignment is matching the angle of your lower leg in your boots. You want to take any pressure over your lower leg that comes from the sides and you want to be flexing throught the center of the cuff.

One thing to note will be :
Most men ski bow legged
Most women are a bit knock kneed

Most of the boots that you are going to take out of the box have the angle set at 3-4 °. This will be okay for most people. Boots that offer adjustment will allow you to dial this in to your legs needs.

To start with checking if the angle is right for you, put a foot bed in the boot shell and step into the boot. What you want to see is that while flexing your knees forward, they fall they track over of the center of your boot. Also that your leg is positioned in the center of the cuff.

If your boots allow for cuff alignment, you can do that by using your proper tool on the rivets of the boot.

Adjust it to your leg! Simple as that!


Patriot on July 06 2017 at 01:41PM

Hi Matt,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Thanks for checking out the videos, stoked that you have enjoyed them!

Definitely a tough thing to find touring boots that have much cuff adjustment. (Especially if you are using a tech binding.) Or much of an outward angle for that matter.

There is a couple of boots that you could look into that will allow for a bit of adjustment. Obviously fit is the most important thing, but you should check out these options for the cuffs:

Lange XT Freetour

Atomic Waymaker

Rossignol Alltrack



Matt Highton on June 25 2017 at 06:21PM

Hey dude, loving your videos! Any suggestions for womens boots that might have a higher factory set cuff angle? My partner’s dalbello sherpa’s push her into a knock kneed stance. She has quite a bit of muscle on the outside of her calf and not much on the inside which is creating a sharp outward angle in her lower leg. Her knee alignment is great outside her boots but when we do a shell fit (footbed in) i can see the shell is hard up against the outside of her leg. She’s looking for touring boots but starting to think there might not be anything out there that matches her atypical lower leg angle/calf shape.

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