Toe Bang

Want to end toe bang? Have your ski boots given you a black toe? Do you get slammed into the front of your boots. Getting crushed in the toebox? These things can be fixed and this video goes through all your options. Here's what you need to know to prevent your toebang and fix the causes.

Size matters
-First and foremost, ensure that you have the right boot, meaning the boot has the right size, volume and length. This will make sure you are locked in place and there will be no extra space for any movement. You need to stop any possible sliding back and forth slamming in front of the boot.
- They do more than you think. A high quality footbed not only prevents toe bang, but also will provide you with more comfort and greater stability. Your feet will be less tired too. The pressures associated with skiing wants to force your foot to elongate. This transfers all that pressure forward to your toes, giving them the full brunt of any impact. A good footbed will keep your foot in place, absorbing any impact across the whole base of your foot. This is a much better scenario, especially if you are spending any time in the air.

Toe box shape

- When selecting a boot, you want to match the shape of your boot to the shape of your toe area. Having the right shape will allow your toes to settle into place evenly, you should have snugness, not compression. Up and down movement is good for circulation, but have no side to side. A mismatch of toebox can cause issues further back on the boot also.
If the shape of the toe box doesn't match your foot, you may need to get it fixed with a stretch.

And last but not least, cut your damn toe nails!