Ski Boot Care

So your ski boots take care of your feet all winter. It's really only right that you return the favor in the summer months and look after your investment.

To prepare your ski boots for their summer hibernation, there are several things you should pay attention to.
Firstly you want to protect them from the elements. The garage is not the best home for your boots as it can be shared by unwanted inhabitants such as mice and roaches. Im sure it will make a lovely home for them, but they won’t clean up the mess. Instead they will damage your liners.

Speaking of liners, before you store your boots make sure you dry them one last time. I even recommend getting them out in the sun for the day to dry. If you’ve noticed your liners stink it’s not too late to fix it. Being out in the sun to dry will kill a lot of the bad odor. If they still “smell” bad, you may want to give them a light hand wash with soap and water.
This will ensure that once the skiing season starts again you’ll have liners in perfect condition.

Once the liners are dry you should get them back into your ski boots. So your boots and liners hold their shape you want to make sure everything is lined up and you have done up the buckles. You want to have the same amount of tension as if the boots were still on your feet. Be sure to double check that your boots have not overlapped the wrong way with the plastic.

And with that you should be all set to store them away. Make sure you select a nice dry warm place, give them a cuddle and kiss and set them down. This will ensure that your boots will be in their best condition for you next winter.!!