Preparing your ski boots for winter

In this episode we cover what you need to do to get your ski boots ready for the upcoming winter season. Now the first thing you should be thinking about is if you did the right thing and stored your boots properly over the summer. As long as they were kept dry and buckled properly, you should have no issues with having them ready to go.

If they look like they have not held their shape well, you can usually fix this deformation with a blast of heat. The memory in the plastic or liner will settle back to its original place with this heating. Also if you have any buckles not functioning properly or stuck, a bit of lubricant will take care of it. So reach for the wd40, rp7, or the KY, and get them spinning again.

One thing that will be a major factor for how your boots will feel initially is gonna be your absence from your boots. In the warmer months we tend to spend a lot of time out of shoes and usually in flip flops taking in the sun. If your anything like me that goes along with enjoying a few frothy beverages. This has most likely led to your foot being a bit softer. Like an out of shape boxer, with a fight approaching, its time to start training to get fit for the main event. 

So I advise you spend some time in your boots to get your feet used to being inside a constricted piece of footwear again. This will greatly help you to readjust and make your first few days manageable.

Footbeds and Heat Molding

If you currently don't have a footbed in your boots, now is also the best time to change that. And if you have a new pair of ski boots you will want to heat mold the liners to make sure your fit is as good as it can be for your first ski day. Be sure to check out the heat molding video out next week for the easy ways to do this!