Burning Feet

Why are your feet burning? 

If you feel like your feet are on fire while skiing, specifically the burning sensation that can be experienced in the forefoot. The most common cause of this burning is from pressure being put on the nerves in your foot from not having enough width in the front of your ski boot.

So it is vital to do a shell check to make sure that you have an adequate space for your foot within this shell. Also at this time, check that the toe box doesn't have too much taper or is forcing your foot over to one side. *To see how to do this procedure watch the 3 part series on shell fitting.

To fix it will likely need a stretch to your boots. You will need to have more width inside your boots so your foot has enough space to be stable.

Another reason you may be feeling this burning, is from whats known as hammertoes. Quite common in women is that the toes will lift, which in turn draws the metatarsal bones closer to the surface of the base of your foot. The first tactic to control this is to start with a quality footbed. In a serious case, a metatarsal pad or dome will do great things to disperse the pressure evenly across the forefoot.

Lastly with these two major factors checked, it will be a good idea to get your stance as upright as possible. We want to have less forward lean to keep your body weight from being forced too far forward. It is dependant on your boot for the best approach to this, but if there is adjustment possible draw the cuff back. The other solution will be to add a heel wedge to increase ramp angle and reduce forward lean.

So it may take some experimenting to get this issue sorted for you. If you need help with this, Ill be glad to discuss it with you. 

Cheers guys, OUT