Heat Molding Liners

Do you have a new pair of boots or a replacement pair of liners?

Want to make your liners as comfortable as possible?

Well it is going to be a good idea to get these liners fitting your foot the best that they can. The best way you can do this is by doing a heat mold.

Nearly every liner that exists in ski boots contains a thermo active foam that can be compressed and shaped to your foot by simply warming them up. By adding heat it is going to soften the foam until its maliable and once cooled it will retain this impression of your foot.

Now this isnt a very technical procedure and requires only around 20 mins of your time. You can of course if you want to, go to your nearest ski shop to get this done. But it will cost you around 40-50 bucks.

The other option is to do it yourself at home and it is a really easy thing to do. In the video, you can see there are 2 different procedures you can follow on how to do it.

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The first way is with your oven and the second is with a microwave, ski sock and a bag of rice.

1. Oven Method

To use your oven, simply pre-heat your oven to 100 degrees celsius. It is a good idea to use the middle rack for this and make sure you cover the rack with either foil or baking paper to protect the liner from contacting the metal. Then simply heat the liner for 10 mins before quickly returning them to your boot shells.

Then all you need to do is stand in your boots for the next 10 minutes to achieve nice new shape to your liners.

 2. Rice Method

The other procedure is to fill a ski sock with rice. You can do this one boot at a time or both at once (with 2 socks and enough rice.) You will need approx 1.5 kg of rice per sock. Then you will heat this rice in the microwave for 5 mins on high. Take care when removing the sock as the rice does get pretty damn hot.

Keep your liners inside your boots for this procedure and then insert this hot sock in to the boot. To evenly spread the rice you will need to tap back and forth your boots to the ground. Make sure you are aggressive to get the rice right down into the toebox and heel. Then this heat will be released into your liner over the next 10 minutes. And time period then for you to stand in them will be the same as before for the molding. Another 10 minutes.

Now the rice method does sound more complicated, but it is safer against damaging your liners and does produce a fantastic result. Just choose the method that you feel more comfortable with and have access to.

And with that your new liners and boots will be ready to ski! :)