Sore Ankles

Are you getting slammed on the ankle bones inside your ski boots?

Often pain occurs on the medial malleolus, or inside ankle.

This is caused only by a few things:

  • The ankle pocket that is molded into the cuff of your ski boot does not line up.
  • Your foot is pronating and dropping your ankle joint onto the inside of the boot.
  • You have too much space in the cuff and you are not being held securely around the lower leg.

 The spot that usually feels this pressure is known as the Medial Malleolus. That is the main bony part of the inside of your ankle at the base of the tibia. 

To fix this impacting or pressure there are several ways to tackle it.

  • First, begin with a footbed to align your foot to the best position within the boot.
  • Then we can add some foam either below or above the ankle to relieve and redistribute the pressure.
  • Lastly, you may need to alter the shell to accommodate the curvature of the ankle. This is done with either a grind or a punch.

A punch is usually the most effective strategy to fix ankle pain in a ski boot. But will not usually work until you have a supported foot as you can still collapse into this new pocket. 

So don't put up with ankle pain! Get it fixed.

Peace, Craig


Greg Winter on February 27 2018 at 09:08AM

I have EXACTLY this problem. I had the store where I bought the boots add a new foot bed and when that didn’t work, I had them punch out the boot. Still no good. Then a great boot fitter in SLC at 2nd TRAX (Dan) told me your trick #2, which was to add foam to below or above the ankle. This helped, nay, Fixed the problem, EXCEPT that the foam kept riding up my shin and then once it rode up the pain came back. Still trying to work it out.

Skikoller on January 17 2018 at 04:22AM

You’ve accurately described the exact ankle problem and provided several sensible solution. Outstanding video and written commentary. Thanks

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