Ski Boot Sizing

So how do select a ski boot with the right size for your feet? In this episode we take a closer look at ski boot sizing and how that relates to your foot`s dimensions.

The main aspect of sizing in ski boots is whats known as Mondopoint sizing. This is a method of sizing footwear based on metric cm increments. Mondopoint sizing is directly referring to how the boot is increasing in its length. One centimetre at a time.

The main thing to think about when choosing boots with mondo point sizing, is that you need to look at ski boots that have the same cm dimension as you have in foot length

It is very common that people choose a ski boot that is too long or one size too big. A common mistake that comes from how people buy shoes. It is important that you do not make this mistake as it can cause many pains.

So if your feet are within the 10mm range of a certain cm length (say between 270-279mm), this is the boot size you should look to get into. (mondopoint 27.5)

Then after this starting point we can look at another important part of the ski boot sizing. Ski boot last widths. Last width is the internal dimension at the widest part of the ski boot, the forefoot. Last width are based on a reference size and in ski boots that is a mp 26.5.

What that means is that as the boot sizes go up and down. The width of the boot will be scaled in size. So your last dimension will be labelled the same, but be actually wider or narrower in the forefoot depending on how many sizes you are away from the reference size of a 26.5

See this chart for approximate actual last dimensions in your boot size:

Another measurement in ski boots is BSL, which is an abbreviation for boot sole length. This is the mm dimension you see printed on the heel of your ski boot. This dimension is used for setting up the jigs in order to correctly mount your bindings to the skis


There are also many differences in boot models when it comes to shapes, cuff heights, toebox widths and heel volumes. So all this should be taken into account when analyzing your boot. You do this by comparing your foot to the boot shell by going through the shell fitting process. You can check out how to do this comparison by going to this bootorial here.

Cheers :)


Jason Hout on December 07 2017 at 10:17AM

Hi Craig,
I have watched all your videos and read the content as well. It is all great info but I have a feeling I am the odd ball here. My foot is wide and thick and my calves and ankels are correspondingly big as well. There seems to be nothing out there in my corner of the world to accommodate a neanderthal like me! I just want to go skiing with my daughter that’s it! I don’t want to break any speed records I would prefer to keep my skis on the snow I just want a boot that I can get on with out having to hammer my foot into it! got any ideas…. I can send you my foot profile with measurements if you like

Denis on August 30 2017 at 08:02PM

Good day, Craig! How can I be if my size is 275, and the shell of my boots 285? To change boots or are there any other options?

Best regards from Russia


Phil Hines on January 16 2017 at 07:18AM

Hi Craig, very useful info. My wife has a problem with pressure on the top of her foot around the pivot point with the ankle. I have taken the following measurements are per your guide. The overall length of her foot is 25 cm, max width 93mm but the measurement around her ankle is 28cm which I guess would explain where the problem comes from. Any advice on what make boots/size we should look for or at least ask for when buying?

Jason Daniels on March 08 2016 at 05:23AM


I just getting back into skiing after several years. I have rented equipment a couple time and decided that I just can’t subject my feet to rented books anymore.

I have really wide feet. I watched your videos did the measurements and was wondering if you could point me in the right direction.

My left foot is slightly longer then my right at 30 cm exactly. But my right foot wider at 125mm. Yes I have paddles.

Any recommendations would help.


Geert Vromman on February 14 2016 at 06:30AM

Hi Craig,

I am super impressed by all your bootorials; I ski already for more than 20 years, but it’s the first time I got such a good explanation. I have really tried many boot shops, boot brands, etc. I have spent a lot of money, but never got a good solution.

So, here’s my question. My feet are 27.3 cm long and the width is …. 110mm – indeed. The step-in volume is 30.5 cm. So, what do I do now? My current boots are Fisher Vacuums, but my feet are hurting like hell!

What would you suggest? Do I understand it correctly, that I need a larger boot in order to find the width I need?

By the way, I have footbeds; even tried two different types. But as I see it now, I think the shops just wanted me to buy what they have rather than what I really need.

I thank you in advance!

Kind regards from Belgium.


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