5 Must Do's for Comfortable Ski Boots


Many people think that the words Ski Boot and Comfort are an Oxymoron. But I am here to tell you that not only is this a possible combination, but it is something that we should all be striving for and can definitely achieve. 

When you actually are able to feel your feet in your ski boots, you will become such a better skier as you will have better control, proprioception and a general feeling of stoke as you do your favourite activity!.... Skiing.


So here are some critical points to consider when wanting to up the level of comfort on your next ski day. 

1. Start warm, stay warm.

Don't leave your ski boots in the trunk of your car the night before or the morning of the drive to the mountain. This will chill your ski boots out to a start you of at such a disadvantage. 

If you can keep them in the car with you near the heater or warm air flow of the cabin, this will help your liners start from a warmer outset making it much easier for your feet to adapt to being in them.

For a bonus here, also look into some car plug in boot dryers or heated bag to really gain some benefit of prewarming on the trip up there. 

2. Thin Ski Socks

It seems so counterintuitive to think that having a thin ski sock will be enough for warmth. Surely the thicker a sock is, the more cushion it has and extra insulation it has??.... Wrong

A thin sock is an absolute must for comfort and warmth, as reducing the bulk inside your ski boots enhances your blood flow and a thin sock of good materials will wick moisture from your feet. Two vital things to control for maintaining feeling in your boots. 

3. Focus on Buckle Pressure

An often overlooked element to how you are securing yourself inside your boots is the amount of pressure that you are engaging with your buckles.

Too many people think that by cranking them right up, that you will get a better reaction out of your ski boots. It is much better to be nuanced with this as different amounts of buckle tension will react in different ways. 

The best way to think about it is rather than lock them all in super tight, pay more attention to buckling with enough pressure to lock in your heel. Then only enough on the other buckles for lateral security and removing excess space. Just secure, not cranked. 
This will ensure you are still engaged with your boots and not cutting off the circuitry through your feet and muscles. 

4. Foot Support

At risk of sounding like a broken record, providing your feet with a good supportive base is the most essential thing when it comes to comfort in your ski boots. By giving your feet an active platform that will ease the pressures on your feet and allow them to work without constriction is an absolute must for skiing at your best.

A good quality footbed is an essential component that will allow you to have a boot that is actually feeling good. 

5. Be Involved in your ski boots!

Having well fitting and comfortable ski boots is an active pursuit, not a passive one.

Being aware of what you are experiencing and making changes as necessary is what it is all about to maintain the best of your boots. As conditions change on the mountain, so does how your boots feel. They will for sure feel different in the spring compared to when you are skiing in the depths of winter. Also a sunny day can feel much different to skiing in a blizzard, even if the temperatures are the same. 

Knowing what you can do in these situations to make things better is a role that you need to take on yourself rather than relying on someone else to do this for you. 


And that is why you are here and how we can make your ski boots fit great and make the most of your winters.

As you become a Patriot and embark on this mission, you will become such a better skier and go forward with much more confidence. 

Lets GO!


Best- Craig Hemsley





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