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The Best Ski Boots for Narrow Feet. Period!

If you are someone that has narrow feet and struggles to find ski boots that secure your heel, lock in your forefoot or support your skinny legs, here is a rundown on the 6 best narrow lasted all mtn ski boots.

Now traditionally you may have been forced to wear a cold stiff narrow race boot to get the right fit.

But if your not a ski racer, ski boots have made great advancements for getting a nice comfortable fit for even the narrowest of feet. The boots in this list have been chosen as they combine narrow last widths, while still providing great performance. These are the best narrow boots for you to grow with and progress your skiing. There are also the same models available in women's ski boots.

The first thing you want to make sure is that you actually do have a narrow foot. It will be helpful for you to know your foot length, width, instep height and shape. Watch these two videos to be entirely clear on your feets dimensions and how they relate to the size of a ski boot.

Measure your feet for ski boots

Ski boot sizing

Then we can look at which boots will be best to suit your feet.

- Nordica GPX

A new boot from nordica in 2016, it has an exceptional amount of foot hold. A 98mm last which is fairly straight down the medial side and the stance and geometry of a race boot. This boot has an amazing liner featuring some of Nordicas new "cork fit" material to give a fantastic heel hold while also providing warmth buy being insulated with Primaloft. Incredible narrow ski boot!

- Lange RX (lv)


Langes 98mm (LV- low volume) offering the RX has been a staple of the last couple of years for narrow feet. It is based from the mold of the most winning race boot (the RS) but has a softer liner, shock absorbing zeppa and more forgiving plastic for flex. This boot is an incredible choice for the all mtn skier that needs a snug boot and upright stance. 

- Salomon X-max

Versatile! This narrow boot option can be great for anyone that has a skinny heel or leg but wider forefoot. Or someone that may have lumps and bumps on their foot. Why? The custom shell process allows this boot to mold to the shape of the foot without manually stretching. (Just by heating in an oven!) It stands on its own as a great 98mm narrow boot, but with this extra level of easily adapting to many types and shapes of narrow feet it is a phenomenon. 

- Rossignol Allspeed Elite

A lightweight, race inspired, powerful ski boot. This offering from provides a great narrow fit. A good option for those with a prominent big toe due to the toebox shape. It features a low profile liner insulated with Thinsulate and gives a feeling of closeness to the foot for great feel and response. With a large booster style power strap and mono injected boot shell, this boot is a weapon.

- Atomic Redster Pro

Narrow, low instep height, Stacked with Features!! This boot from Atomic is essentially just like their race boot FIS line. It has a carbon spine, 2 boot boards, double power strap, Memory fit moldable plastic and the ability to rotate the cuff. This boot lets you customize nearly every aspect to suit whatever style of skiing you will be doing! Also with a Thinsulate liner it is a great comfortable and powerful narrow boot option.

- Full Tilt Classic

For the Park and Freeskiers, The Classic from full tilt is just that. The classic 99mm shell is an awesome narrow last and tapered toebox. This year they have swapped the liner to a tongued Intuition rather than the wrap liner. This improves the fit for narrow feet and gives a bit faster power transfer. Easily the best narrow option in the 3 piece market and has the ability to alter the setup quickly and easily!

 Now the key to finding the right boot for you is to also match the shape and size of your foot to the boot. Be sure to watch the video series on Ski Boot Shell fitting Here

 Also make sure you get your copy of Patriots - Ski Boot Buying Guide.


Dries on March 02 2018 at 08:05AM

Thanks for the great overview!
Check the Tecnica Mach1 LV as well, they fit slightly narrower than the Lange RX lv.

Matt on April 01 2017 at 07:44PM

@Timon, you could check out the Salomon Quest range. I think it’s the same last as the x-max, and come in a range of flexs and have changeable soles. They tour reasonably well for a freeride boot..

Patriot on January 06 2017 at 08:47AM

Hey Timon,
Look into the Lange XT (lv)
Tecnica Cochise
Fischer C-line
K2 Pinnacle

Timon on January 03 2017 at 11:29PM

Are there any slack country (semi touring boots) that are designed for narrow feet? I’ve tried the Solomon x-max and they fit well but I don’t like that you can’t change the sole or that they are 130s

Langston Johnson on September 11 2016 at 08:51AM

G’day for The Bay Area,

I just got the Nordica gpx 100 based on your recommendation and am wondering which method would best work to customize the liners: microwave rice socks or the home convection baking method? I’ve read that when using liners that come with the boot (except for intuition liners) it’s best to leave them in shell vs heating them in oven. True or indifferent?

Love the you tube bootorials and insights!

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