5 Best ski boots for wide feet (2024)

If you are someone that has wide feet and struggles to find ski boots that are comfortable, here is a rundown on the 5 best wide lasted ski boots.
Now these boots have been chosen as they combine wide last widths, while still providing great performance. There are other wide boots available in the beginner to intermediate category but these are the best wide boots for you to grow with and progress your skiing. There are also the same models available in women's boots.

If you are someone that has wide feet and struggles to find ski boots that are comfortable, here is a rundown on the 5 best wide lasted ski boots on the market.

All of these boots have been chosen as they combine wide last widths, while still offering great performance. These are the best wide fitting ski boots that you will be able to grow with and progress your skiing to a high level. 


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Before you just run out and buy one of these ski boots, the first thing you will want to check is that you actually do have a wide foot! It will be very helpful for you to know your foot length, width, instep height and shape, so you can find the right choice.

Watch these two videos to be entirely clear on your feet's dimensions and how they relate to the size of a ski boot.

Measure your feet for ski boots   >   

Ski boot sizing       




Now we can look at which ski boot models will be the best to suit your wide feet.

1. Atomic Hawx Magna

hawx magna

One of the best options for wide feet out there is the Hawx Magna. A generous fit in volume, this boot has a fantastic anatomical last shape and liner specially designed for wide feet. Even though only listed at 102mm last, the beauty of this boot is that it features Atomic's Memory Fit. This allows the boot to expand further in width after heating the plastic for 5 mins at 117 degrees. A great combination of performance and adaptability.


2. K2 B.F.C


The B.F.C is exactly like its Acronym. Built For Comfort! With a nice 103mm last and broad open toebox combined with their CushFit liner provides an instantly comfortable feel. With a moldable TPU shell, you can also expand this boot further when necessary and the softer plastic over the instep helps in getting in and out of the boot with ease. The low cuff height on this boot is also a win for those with bigger calfs.


3. Head Edge LYT

A serious contender in this wide fit category is the new Edge LYT from Head. It is a completely redesigned, extremely lightweight, yet solid skiing, well fitting customizable ski boot.

Featuring Form Fit technology, this boot can also be heat molded to gain more space if required. A graphene infused shell that has very thin shell walls, gives a responsive flex and nearly unmatched weight to power capacity!

It begins with a high volume 2100cc /102mm last and can expand easily. Stacked with features this is a well thought out, great option to try on. Smart frame, Hi-top tech, Duo flex, Easy entry shell design and A liquid fit liner that can be altered to snug up the heel and ankle area.


4. Rossignol Track 130

track 130

This boot from Rossignol comes out of the gate with a broad 104 last. It is a boot that has a great volume and shape for wider feet. Without too many extra frills, it is a straight up wider boot with all solid features and construction. The sensor matrix shell saves a bit of weight and the solid flex rating ensures great performance for the heavier skier or aggressive wider foot skier. Walk mode also helps in getting through the car park! 


5. Tecnica Mach1 HV

mach 1 HV

The Mach 1 has been a staple offering from Tecnica and this High Volume version is a great choice for the wider and chunkier feet. A robust boot that gives great feel for skiing and burly flex for you to lay a turn down with.

Great instep height and all the true fitting features that you can expect. C.A.S liner and shell for ease of adaptability.


With all these boots in mind, it is best to check your feet within the ski boots shells to make sure the size of length and width will work for you.

(See how to shell fit a ski boot here)

Note, that even with these wider fitting boots, some people will still require their boots to be stretched in order to fit their extremely wide feet.

*This post has been updated to stay relevant for the current year of ski boot releases. 

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