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5 Best ski boots for wide feet (2019)

If you are someone that has wide feet and struggles to find ski boots that are comfortable, here is a rundown on the 5 best wide lasted ski boots.
Now these boots have been chosen as they combine wide last widths, while still providing great performance. There are other wide boots available in the beginner to intermediate category but these are the best wide boots for you to grow with and progress your skiing. There are also the same models available in women's boots.

The first thing you want to make sure is that you actually do have a wide foot. It will be helpful for you to know your foot length, width, instep height and shape. Watch these two videos to be entirely clear on your feets dimensions and how they relate to the size of a ski boot.

Measure your feet for ski boots

Ski boot sizing


Then we can look at which boots will be best to suit your wide feet.

1. Atomic Hawx Magna

One of the best options for wide feet out there is the Hawx Magna. A generous fit in volume, this boot has a fantastic anatomical last shape and liner specially designed for wide feet. Even though only listed at 102mm last, the beauty of this boot is that it features Atomic's Memory Fit. This allows the boot to expand further in width after heating the plastic for 5 mins at 117 degrees. A great combination of performance and adaptability.


2. K2 B.F.C

The B.F.C is exactly like its Acronym. Built For Comfort! With a nice 103mm last and broad open toebox coimbined with their CushFit liner provides an instantly comfortable feel. With a moldable TPU shell, you can also expand this boot further when necessary and the softer plastic over the instep helps in getting in and out of the boot with ease. The low cuff height on this boot is also a win for those with bigger calfs.


3. Head Advant Edge

A serious contender in this wide fit category the Advant Edge from Head. It is another solid skiing, well fitting customisable ski boot. Featuring Form Fit technology, this boot can also be heat molded to gain more space if required. It begins with a high volume 2100cc /102mm last and can expand easily. Stacked with features this is a well thought out, great option to try on.


4. Rossignol Track 130

This boot from Rossignol comes out of the gate with a broad 104 last. It is a boot that has a great volume and shape for wider feet. Without too many extra frills, it is a straight up wider boot with all solid features and construction. The sensor matrix shell saves a bit of weight and the solid flex rating ensures great performance for the heavier skier or aggressive wider foot skier. Walk mode also helps in getting through the car park! 


5. Salomon X-Pro

So these boots start with a mid fitting type last, the great thing for wide feet is the outstanding ability to mold to fit wider feet with the Custom Shell plastic (Kaprolene). Starting at a 100mm last with 10 mins of heating this boots expands out up to a 106mm last. I have seen great results with getting this boot to fit extremely wide feet and has a generous instep height aswell. Great for anyone with a narrower heel but wider forefoot only.


(BONUS)-Atomic LF (livefit)

As an extra option is the Atomic Live fit. And this is a boot that can instantly adapt to your extra wide feet. Truly a fantastic choice for a comfort boot. This boot has been scaled back this year and why it has been bumped from the list. It now tops out at a 100 flex option as the top of this line.(previously had a 130 flex) Which is still great for the intermediate skier, yet may leave more aggressive or heavier skiers searching for more.
The biggest trait of this boot is the live fit zones on either side of the forefoot. This allows the wider forefoot to fit in the boot without being compressed. The first and fifth metatarsal will expand into this rubberised live fit zone.
With a last of 104 plus live fit and a square toe box, this is an amazing boot for wide feet. Also there is a flat shim in the base that can be easily removed for an extra 2mm of height.


With all these boots in mind, it is best to check your feet within the ski boots shells to make sure the size of length and width will work for you.

(See how to shell fit here)

Even with these wider boots, some people will still require their boots to be stretched in order to fit their extremely wide feet.

*This post has been updated to stay relevant for the current year of ski boot releases. (11/30/2016)

Want to learn how to make your ski boots comfortable?

 Click here.


Patriot on March 12 2019 at 05:03PM

Hi Leandra,

Usually you will find if you turn the rivet clockwise it will move down and anit clockwise will move it up.

So you will have adjustment from both sides and may require moving them in opposite directions to get the most out of the adjustment.

A little trick is to mark the current position with a pen/marker, then turn the rivet to see how many much you have altered it. :)



Leandra on March 12 2019 at 04:43PM

I have a pair of women hawx 90 2015 (I think)- I need to adjust the cuff to give me more room on the inside, my right leg especially is closer to the inside cuff and I have more room on the outside. I have the tool that came with the boots but I don’t know which way to turn it. Thank you kindly. :)

John Tracey on January 05 2019 at 11:20AM

Thanks for the info. My feet are 117mm and 111mm wide on a mondo 28.5. Ended up with a pair of Head Adapt Edge (same volume as the Advant you recommend) that had the volume to be last stretched to donald duck proportions and still have sufficient volume not to crush the tops of my toes. Stretching most liners for feet past 110mm is tricky even with heat (On previous boots I often have to make small cuts into the liner and or remove some of the inner sponge material at pinch points)

Atsushi on June 07 2018 at 11:26AM

Thanks for the latest review. I can not believe that Atomic discontinued LF 130. Ever since I got the LF (Mine was 120), my persistent problem of foot aches were gone… Well, my current pair should last for at least few more (hopefully 5) seasons but after that…. I do not want to go back to painful skiing..

Atomic. Please bring back stiff shelled LF series back..

Gary Reighard on February 21 2018 at 03:27PM

I have flat feet that are short and wide, L 25.8 and 111 mm; R 25.5 and 107 mm. My research led me directly to the Technica ten 2 HVL 120 with the stated 106 last. For what ever reason, I found this boot too narrow in the forefoot, I really don’t think that they are a full 106 in the shorter lengths. I am currently using the Rossignol Alias Sensor 120 with great results. I have been skiing for over 30 years, I am 5’ 5" and 185 lbs and also have very large calves.

Belinda on December 31 2017 at 06:47AM

My child is 13 yrs., 6 feet tall, and 245 lbs. Apparently his foot is 115 wide when leaning forward, a size 30, with thick feet, and large ankles and calves. He loves skiing but can only ski for two hours. Most of his pain is on his outer foot. His current boots are Technica mega 8 ( I think 104mm & 60 flex ). They have been punched out with foot beds inserted. Any advice on what boot would be a better option for him. He is a strong intermediate skier.

Greg on December 18 2017 at 06:03AM

I am:

L: 27.2 cm length, 119 mm width, +4 cm instep
R: 26.2 cm length, 114 mm width, +5 cm instep

Still not seeing any solutions for really wide feet. Disappointing there seems to be no solution except pain.

Harald Bohne on December 13 2017 at 11:41AM

None of us with feet wider than 105 mm get what we want. My experience is the lightweight boots get even narrower each year. Carbon fiber reinforced boots can not be blocked out. I have checked out at lot of them. I considder to trough the inner boots out and only use stokkings and some soles. 110 mm

Jeff Gomer on November 28 2017 at 04:39PM

My current boots cause me major problemsI just measured my feet- length width and instep.
One foot is 27.3 L, ~112 W, with a +2 cm instep.
The other is 26.2 L, ~111 W, with a +3 cm instep.
It looks as though for a 27.5 L I can get up to a 106 width, well below the 112 I need (when measured, I’m told that I measure a 6EE width foot.) Most of my width is on the outside, that looks kind of like at the location a bunion would be.
What suggestions would you have for me to get a boot that works for me. Would a boot with the widest width, that also expands/ molds to fit when heated possibly work best. Thanks for the help.

DDearborn on July 20 2017 at 02:41AM


I am curious why you left out the Rossignol Alias Sensor 120 boot?

Patriot on July 06 2017 at 01:50PM

Hi Al,

Thanks for commenting on the Patriot Footbeds ski boot article. I am sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

So traditionally wide fitting ski boots are paired up with higher volumes in their construction. For your case where you only have a wide foot up front, I would recommend going into either a heat moldable option like the Salomon Xpro or Atomic Hawx.

Or alternatively you can get a medium fitting boot manually stretched to suit the width of your foot.



Al on June 10 2017 at 04:17PM

My feet are wide but not fat. My boots are wide enough but much too high. Any boots that are just wide but have normal volume?

Patiot on February 05 2017 at 11:49AM

Hi King John,
Great to hear you are getting it sorted out. It can be the case that having your boots to narrow for your feet is what will be the cause of a neuroma. I hope you get a massive improvement, but also be sure to check your boots fit to ensure you don’t develop this again.

Patriot on February 05 2017 at 11:47AM

Hi Max,
Message sent to your inbox :)

King John on February 04 2017 at 01:42PM

I have skied over 50 years and I have always had problems with forefoot pain. I always thought was due to the boot fit cutting of my circulation; I either have to over-loosen them, otherwise I have aching pain in my forefoot area all day. First I feel a hot spot just behind my middle toes and then I feel tingling, numbness and pain in all of my my toes. In the past 3 seasons this problem has worsened and I have tried a couple of custom molded boots however I still have pain. It turns out the problem is my foot. I have found out that I have a neuroma (nerve swelling from irritation) in my forefoot in the metatarsal arch. I have an appointment next week to try to address it. Hopefully I will be able to ski painlessly soon.

Max Mironov on February 01 2017 at 06:24PM

Hey guys,

I’ve had a lot of issues with boots in my years of skiing. Solution – wait for my feet to go numb from lack of circulation and keep going haha. My foot measures out at 280mm length, 110mm last, and regular instep (although I’ve been told my Inkline boot fitters in UT that I have very wide ankles.) I’m 6’3, 240# and ski aggressively.

I currently have a pair of Lange Fluid 120 boots. 100mm last, and Inkline made foot beds for me and punched the inner ankles. They still make my foot go numb, and I cannot ski with the bottom buckles tensioned.

Q1 – is there any good boot option for me with a tech fitting?
Q2 – what are your thoughts on the Rossignol Alias 120 – 104mm last?
Q3 – is there an option for me to fly to you, buy a pair of boots and liners from you, and have you set me up?


Julio on January 30 2017 at 10:55AM

I have a a very wide foot….5/6E depending on the shoe. I bought a pair of boots from DaleBoot in Salt Lake City Utah. The model I bought are too soft (but work) and I wish I skied in the Salt Lake area so I could have them refitted to get them just right. Pricey but well worth the look.

Patriot on January 19 2017 at 11:32AM

Hi Janis,

It sounds like your best solution will be a boot stretch mate.

You mention you are near a Surefoot. Are there any other bootfitting stores near you?

Surefoot tends to only focus on foam fitting boots, but other bootfitters will be able to manually expand a boot to fit your wide feet!



Janis Zagars on January 18 2017 at 01:32AM

Hi guys,

I have all the same problems that you mentioned, I am skiing instructor and I ski in Atomic LiveFit 130 boots. I did lift my heels up by 5 mm inside boot, it helped but balls of my feet are still killing me after 2 hours. Also these boots are too soft for me as I am 100 kg 195 cm. I would like to have boots with four buckles but none of those fit my feet. I even went to Surefoot to make boots for me but they were not able to help me as they didn’t have any boots with enough volume for my feet. If someone have any solution or suggestion I would appreciate any ideas.


MIke on January 17 2017 at 04:43AM

Patrick.. I’m a 245 lb 6’0" guy with WICKED wide feet. I’ve been trying to get into skiing so I borrowed a buddies boots but was in agony. I only made it halfway down the mountain before I had to stop and take my boots off on the side of the mountain to give my feet a rest. I’ve watched you videos for boot fit up and read many pages of your website. A ton of good information. However, the more I read the more I think it might be a hopeless effort for me. My feet measure 27.5 cm long by 115mm wide forefront with a high instep. I’ve looked at the Atomic Live Fit and the Tecnica Ten.2 boots online as these seem to have the most promise. But even those boots made for sasquatch feet are a full 10mm smaller than my foot width. Do I have any options besides trying to bear through the pain or are there boots out there that might work with my foot? Thanks for your help!! – Mike

Patriot on December 26 2016 at 07:06PM

Hey Big Joe,
Certainly a unique situation for yourself.
2 Boots I would highly suggest for easy entry would be the Head Cube or the Roxa Freebird. Both have a wide fit and open up nicely as the easiest boots to get on your feet.

big joe on December 26 2016 at 12:03AM

I live in Ontario Canada Im 330lbs 6ft I,m a amputee below the knee rght leg I have been skiing off on over 3o years just got a pair of Atomic LF
They are 31.5 boot size good looking boots length and toes not cramped .
but my heel is too narrow my arch is killing me way to hard getting in and out of them .most of my boots were rear entry from 80,s and 90,s .I like to wear my boots for 4 to 6 hours .I,m not racing I just want to be comfortable .
I just wish I had an old pair Salomons rear entries .it,s just not fair spending $500 on boots you can,t get out of your living room. skiing should be painful .I will be turning them .

Patriot on November 17 2016 at 10:38AM

Hi Diarmid,
Yeah that is the compromise really with these boots. It is a snowboard boot surrounded by an exo shell. It will really depend on how aggressively you ski as to whether they would work.

Patriot on April 12 2016 at 01:24PM

Hi Chris,
My best advice is to first measure your feet

And then see how you compare to your boot shells.

That will be the best way to figure out exactly what the problem may be.

Chris on April 12 2016 at 07:53AM

head edge 10- stretched and fitted by ellis brigham, Castleford.
Burning balls of pain!!!
i only ski fast so i can get to a chair quick and take the weight off my feet.
what should i do?

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