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Best Ski Touring Boots for Wide Feet

Its the rarest combination. Trying to get your wide feet into a ski boot that will allow you to go and explore the backcountry.

So what are your options? 

Here are the best choices for ski touring boots that have wide lasts and high volumes to suit your wide feet. But first...
There are three things you must consider before selecting a boot:

1. Shape, size and volume of your feet. The ultimate goal is to achieve a close but not constricted fit. The better you can match the boot last shape to your feet, the easier it will naturally sit inside the boot and be able to manage some constriction.

2. Support your foot with a footbed- It will prevent pronation and secure you inside the boot into the best position. Also it will prevent foot fatigue that is associated with striding on the skin track.

3. Is there a need to stretch or alter the boots fit to expand to your foot buckets? This can play a big part into your boot choice and some will even have easy customization with 'custom shell molding' ability.

Wide Touring Boots

- Dynafit Radical

The best out of the box wide available for ski touring. With a 104mm last it is basically ready to go into the backcountry right away. Generous fit and great well thought out design from Dynafit. Not the most powerful boot downhill wise, but a fantastic construction and likely a great blend for you to get into some ski touring.

- Dynafit Vulcan

With a 103mm last and at only 1615g, this boot is a serious contender. It features a whopping 60 degrees Range of Motion when in hike mode so tons of freedom for the skinning. It is made up from Pebax plastic which is super light and has some great skiability. It is a true touring boot and only compatable with pin bindings.  The only downfall of this boot can be its tapered toebox in the front so can feel a little constricted for squarer toes.

- Dalbello Lupo AX

Now even though this is listed at a medium 100mm last, what makes this boot a great choice is the instep height and and last shape. nice space for the big toe and a natural set back curvature through the 5th met really settles in nicely. The removable tongue saves weight and produces a huge ROM of 62 degrees. The instant fit liner molds really quicky and this boot can be stretched really well if you need more space through the midfoot.

- Scarpa Maestrale

With a 101mm last this boot is a favourite of many of the heavier set ski tourers as it skis well, tours great and can be stretched well for width. Made with Grilamid and Carbon, it is super light but still offers good lateral power. A great wider fitting forefoot shape gives relief and space to settle in with. 60 degrees of ROM, Solid flex, Intuition liner and 3 well placed buckles offer good security when buckled.

- Atomic Hawx Ulta XTD

Now this one does begin quite narrow overall, but what makes it unreal is how much it can mold and expand. The Memory Fit system allows this boot to expand up to about 6mm wider than its original shape simply by heating in the oven. Although not the highest in regards to the instep, but if you are just wide up front it will easily mold out to your foot without worrying about the need to do a bunch of punching or stretching. 1580g and a solid alpine boot feel, this is a great boot.

- Fischer Transalp or Transalp Vacuum

Two options to look at from Fischer. The Transalp Thermoshape starts out nice and wide with a 102mm last. Robust construction and extra light, it is a perfect hybrid design that really shines through. 1720 g and a full PU construction means it weighs hardly anything for PU but also stretches well if required. Then we have the Vacuum version. Although starting out a bit narrower at 97 - this boot can mold out to a 107mm last!! Super lightweight and maleable it is 1550g and once molded, it is ready for the backcountry missions.

(Fischer bonus- If you want to have a boot that's burlier, and your not needing tech inserts also look at the Ranger Vacuum.)

- Rossignol Track

If your happy to ski with a bit extra weight and just want a boot to fit. The track can be great balance. With a great 104mm last and generous instep volume, this boot will be a choice for the super wide. It has WTR soles as an option and a hike mode on the cuff. It will provide resort style skiing response and a great flex for the heavier skier. Only down side is no tech inserts so will require a frame touring binding.

And there you go, my top picks for finding a touring boot that can help solve your foot pain issues. Get out in the backcountry, earn those turns and enjoy the pow.

- Rossignol Track

If you want a footbed to go with your new boots that are perfect for ski touring, check out the Mahogany  model footbed. You will love them!! 


Bojo on February 04 2019 at 07:58AM

I would also highly recommend trying Scott Cosmos. 103mm last and comfy fit for my wide and chunky feet.
Also have a look at K2 Pinnacle HV (high volume). This is more downhill than uphill oriented, but still a touring boot including compatibility with pin bindings. And the fit is generous.

Jason on February 04 2019 at 07:58AM

Thanks for the great article. Super helpful. Any more specific recommendations for those of us with greatest foot width at the 5th met AND a narrow heel? Perhaps the Dalbellos or Atomics?

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