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Worked for me

I don't write reviews often, but this time ai want to acknowledge a product that solved a difficult problem. I have small feet and there is no way to buy approximately sized boot(22.0). So you can imagine i have issues with the fit. I've done 3 long tours with this sleeve and I no longer have blisters, not even hot spots. And these are same tours that I used to struggle with. Recommend this product

Liner Sleeve
martin rootberg
smart but not for all

Good product but too big for the room in my boot and my foot. If you have a really loose fit they would be a big help.

Liner Sleeve
michael butt

Works great should have bought the combo

Volume Reducer

Quick shipping and really worked on making my boot a bit more snug. Definitely helped with my heal lift.

Liner Sleeve
Excellent product

Huge help in locking down my heels. Such a simple yet effective solution, especially with the foam inserts.

Liner Sleeve
Christopher Brigman
These are a game changer.

I had my snowboard boots custom molded by an amazing boot fitter. Unfortunately the continued to pack out a bit and I got a slight amount of heel lift. The sleeves with the j-bar tightened them back up and they’ve been feeling better than ever. Money well spent.

Game Changer Kit
Beau Christian

Great product! Very happy!

Loose Boots Kit
Joseph Vineis
Just order the footbeds

Footbeds feel good so far. I've spent two days touring and its definitely an improvement. The ankle sock, and foam pieces provided are really just cheap foam and the ankle sock slides up when I'm trying to get my liner into the boot making it really frustrating. The ankle piece is just a thin piece of neoprene and not well fitting enough for my liner to be effective.

Tongue Shim
Willoughby Rothrock
Nice and snug

The tongue shims were exactly what I needed to snug up the fit on my upper boot. Many years ago I ran a ski shop and fit thousands of boots. I wish Patriot products had been available then. It would have made my life a lot easier!

Liner Sleeve
Scott Accetta
Great concept, but...

This is a great concept AND they work.

The one drawback I had (and this may not be the case for everyone) is that the added space taken up in my boot decreased the room I have in my toebox and therefore I had less circulation in my toes. They ended up getting too cold.

However, they did work!

I won't be using them, but it's a great concept.

Heat Molding Kit

the heat molding worked as expected however handling the sock full of heated rice and forcing it into the liner of the boot was rather difficult due to handling the the sock and the heat level. Other than that it was fine. I still need to do some more work and will most likely move to the over=n method for heating the liners.

Heel Wedge
Paul A.

Great products, good quality


I was disappointed. They make my feet fall asleep and my feet hurt

- I would like to send them back

Liner Sleeve
Rustin Heath

Didn't really help at all. Still have heel lift. Oh well

All Mountain
Happy skier on East Coast Ice.
Feet don’t get tired

Swapped out my old pair of footbeds for the Patriots. After skiing for 3 straight 6-7 hours of skiing per day, I was tired, but my feet weren’t.

All Mountain
Frederick Alesandro

Received my new footbeds. They fit great without the need to heat mold. Great and speedy service.

Liner Sleeve
Holly Krause
Way too tight.

I tried these in my boots and they were ok on a run. Then my feet hurt and fell asleep and were killing me. I stopped sat on a rock and took them out of my boots. Did not do anything except cut off my circulation.

Hi H.K,
Sorry to hear this experience. We do provide information on how to address and fix this exact scenario. Can you please check your email as there will be some good information on management and expectations for first day use of these sleeves.

Tru-straps 3.0
Boris Kushkuley
Great idea

Great idea. Like the product.

Hope 4.0 will be even better. ;-)

Specifically I would love to have a non-slip strip on the outer strap. It does not stay in place for me and slips up. What I ended up doing, I cut off the inner red strap, the one that holds the liner, and used it with my original Techica cam-strap that has non-slip strip, instead of the patriots' one.
In this setup everything worked great and solved my problem of extra space on top of my boot.

Never Received It

Ordered the tongue shims as part of an order and got a neck gaiter instead. Oh well…

Got extra 1/2 season out of clapped boots

Work in my ski boots and beat the shit out of them. These things are awesome and got me some extra time out of clapped boots. Unfortunately my tongue torn out of my boot. Will this work with an intuition 360 wrap style liner. Going to try it either way but just wanted to know.

They've got something here with these Liner Sleeves...

I purchased the liner sleeves mainly because my boots are on the older side and a bit packed out which has led to some ankle movement in my boots. I've skied 3 days now with the liners in and I can honestly say they do work! The sleeves were easy to slide on and I immediately felt the extra snugness around my ankles. My heels were better locked in without having to crank down my boot bindings - which I typically had to do towards the end of the day to keep the ski control needed especially for mogul and glade skiing. I would definitely recommend these if you have any heel/ankle movement in your boots.

Liner Sleeve
Chris Perkins Chris
Liner Sleeve

I really wanted it to work…
The sleeve bunched up under my left foot and
created and incredible cramp and discomfort.
Unfortunately they don’t work for me.

Hello Chris,
If installed correctly, It is not possible for the sleeve to bunch up during skiing. It must be occuring as you slide your liner back in. We would recommend you to review your technique to get these installed back into your boots easily.

Liner Sleeve

I have long, narrow/thin feet with an average arch (size 10.5 women’s). My boot fitter told me my feet are the most challenging to fit. There are very few women’s ski boots that are even an option. My boots are a couple seasons old and I started having heel lift this season. I had tried a few modifications (extra insole, extra padded ski socks) with no luck because they caused different issues. I have used the liner sleeve three outings now. The difference was immediate and the results are fantastic. My feet are less fatigued and I have better control.

Game Changer!

I have ALWAYS had issues with my heel rising, even with a custom fit by a boot fitter, but no more! These liners changed everything for me. I just skied eight days with them. My heel is finally locked in place and my skiing has improved greatly!

Liner Sleeve
Peter Nelson
No more free heel when fee-heeling

Well used Crispi Evo telemark boots were loose in the heel at the start of this season. Tried a few fixes without great success so instead sprang for a set of Liner Sleeves which solved the problem completely. Heel is now snug, and my free-heeling technique is back on track with better control and overall foot stability. No fuss with getting in and out of liners either. Thanks!