Get Comfortable Boots

You will be happy to know that this is an achievable reality.

The act of skiing puts a lot of unnatural forces on your feet and legs. This is due to the fact that there is a need to restrict certain movements to transfer your bodies energy through your skis. These forces demand that you be secured in a hard plastic boot. Where the comfort aspect fails for many people is that the boot they are wearing does not surround and support the foot correctly.

True comfort is achieved when your foot is stabilized, relaxed and you have good blood flow. You want your boot to be an extension of your body rather than just being on your feet.

Being warm and comfortable is an experience worth having and it all begins with a good foundation.

5 must do's for comfortable ski boots

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A quality footbed is the foundation of your ski boots.

25% of your bodies bones are located below the ankle!

Get the comfort you deserve and focus on whats important - Skiing!

As a ski patroller I spend all my time in ski boots. Not only just skiing but also hiking and sledding. I have some pretty messed up feet and have transitioned from a pair of customs on to a pair of Patriots. I find these hold my foot in a better position. Its awesome to be able to work all day without being frustrated by my boots. Stoked!

Rohan Kennedy-

I Want To Be A Better Skier

Hell Yeah! There is no better feeling in life than getting after it!

Progressing your skills is a vital aspect for your personal growth. But it sucks being held back by your gear.

Your Best performance comes when you are focused on what you are doing instead of what you are feeling. You want your ski boot to be an extension of you.

For this to happen you need to remove any dead spots or extra space around your feet. With the fit of your boot perfected you eliminate any lag time of leg to ski. Your skis will do exactly what you tell them and then find yourself ripping around the mountain with ease.

A footbed is your foundation and completely supports your feet, they act as a shock absorber and a gas pedal.

If needed you can perfect the fit of your boots with the boot fitting accessories, step up your game and start stomping!

When the fit of your boots is dialed in you can focus on what your main goal is- to ski at your highest potential and send it!

Stoked on my boots! After 2 knee surgeries, I found myself always fighting against my right boot. When skiing switch I would be constantly catching an inside edge. With new footbeds and a canted wedge, I was able to take the pressure off, correct my stance and stay balanced. This has allowed me to keep progressing!

Reece Monley-