Ski Boot Punching Tool
Ski Boot Punching Tool
Ski Boot Punching Tool
Ski Boot Punching Tool
Ski Boot Punching Tool
Ski Boot Punching Tool
    Ski Boot Punching Tool
    Ski Boot Punching Tool
    Ski Boot Punching Tool
    Ski Boot Punching Tool
    Ski Boot Punching Tool
    Ski Boot Punching Tool

Ski Boot Punching Tool

$60.00 USD

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Create your own ski boot punching tool at home!

These Aluminum machined parts allow you to convert a regular 18 Inch welding clamp into an economical ski boot punching tool for DIY ski boot customizing at home.

With this tool, you can punch out and reshape a ski boot to alleviate common problem areas. Eliminate your pressure points and take away the rubbing of your foot against the boot shell.

To create the tool, the parts simply slide on to the ends of the clamp. 


*DIY, Trade or Handyman skills are recommended to achieve a good result when punching your own ski boots. The responsibility is yours in terms of workmanship and technical ability. Please watch video below for detailed instruction. Questions about the ski boot punching process are welcomed


Target common pressure points and fit issues:

  1.  Inside ankle (medial malleolus)
  2.  Navicular bone
  3.  Bunion - 1st metatarsal
  4.  Tailors Bunion - 5th metatarsal
  5.  Pinky toe

(Note: This product ships from Australia- please allow up to 2 weeks to receive.)

Finally a tool for those who need to do some boot fitting at home. 


Between 1-10 days dependant on where you are located, but we have 2 shipping locations to make sure we get your gear to you as quick as possible.

We ship anywhere in the world for FREE!

If any of our products do not work for you, we will buy them back. Simply send back your product to either our USA or Australian locations. If you selected the wrong size, no problems. We will cover the return shipping.

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Aaron V.
United States United States
5 stars

Great experience. 5 stars. You guys rock. I love your YouTube videos also.

forrest s.
United States United States
Don't but this! It broke first time I used it.

Looked cheap right out the box. Should have got the metal one I guess... but the design is poor anyway. Won't stay on a pair of pliers. The inside piece can easily fall off while you are clamping without you knowing it. Hard to keep it on even with duck tape due to the pressure. I had a couple spots in my boots to punch out. Started with my heels, like I explained, poor design but I made it work. Moved to punch out the toes and first the larger suction cup looking piece broke where it holds to the pliers. I taped it and tried to keep working but then it broke in half, the smaller part ball piece broke where it attaches to the pliers as well. Horrible product. Put me in a bad place with my boots before a long ski tour. Don't trust this product!

kevin b.
United States United States
Awesome product

Very informative video, made it easy to use. Happy with swag. Thank you so much!

Matildo T.
United States United States
Ski boot punching tool

First up, I wanna thank Craig for his customer service when I emailed him about this product. He responded to me immediately. I then ordered the product that same day and Craig processed the order right away. Every detail, from processing of the order, shipping and delivery tracking status are emailed. I got this product faster than items I order locally in the US. Craig even gave me a free head gear, a sticker and pads. The product I ordered looks great and well made. I will punch my boots this weekend. Kudos also to Craig for making very informative videos in YouTube. Tom Seattle, WA

John L.
United States United States
Awesome product! Worked great

It took me a bit to get everything set up as far as an 18in C Clamp (and tightening the screws to use it properly) but once I did that it worked great! I super glued the two metal pieces (ball and socket) to the clamp to hold it all together. I used a heat gun to warm the outside boot a bit and lined up the punch in the spot I marked on the outside of the boot. Clamped down for about 2 minutes (could be much shorter or longer depending on boot thickness and temperature of boot). Produced a great punch! Thank you so much for developing this product!