Why you have ankle pain in your ski boots...and what to do about it.


Picture this: You're at the top of your favorite resort, ready to carve through the snow, but instead of exhilaration, you're experiencing excruciating ankle pain. Ankle discomfort can put a damper on your skiing, affecting your performance and overall enjoyment. Not only does it hold you back from driving your skis how you want to, it can also prevent you from being able to stand in the optimal position within your boots, crucial for maintaining proper balance.

Having spent numerous years entrenched in the world of bootfitting, I've had the privilege of assisting countless skiers grappling with the persistent problem of ankle pain. Over the course of this time, I've seen every method to tackle this issue and what produces the real results.

It's a common misconception that the quickest and most direct solution to ankle pain is to seek out someone to punch their boots. While this approach can yield instant results, it often only addresses half of the issue. Simply reshaping the boot without providing adequate support and alignment to the ankle can lead to a recurrence of the problem. You might find yourself trapped in a new pocket of discomfort, with the dreaded pain returning in full force.


Understanding the Sources of Ankle Pain in Ski Boots

Ankle pain in ski boots can stem from a few common sources, making it important to pinpoint the issue before seeking a solution:

  1. Unstable Feet and Medial Malleolus Impact: One of the leading causes of ankle pain is an unstable foot within the ski boot. When your foot isn't properly stabilized, it can move around, causing the inner ankle (medial malleolus) to repeatedly impact against the rigid plastic boot shell.

  2. Mismatched Ankle Contours: Another factor contributing to ankle pain is the shape and contour of your ankle bones not aligning with the interior of your ski boot. This mismatch can create pressure points and discomfort during skiing.

Enter the Patriot Footbeds Sore Ankles Kit

The Patriot Sore Ankles Kit has been designed to help skiers directly address these common causes of ankle pain, providing a comprehensive solution for a more comfortable and enjoyable skiing experience.

  1. Footbeds for Foot Stability: The kit includes high-quality footbeds that promote foot stability within the boot. By offering better arch support and alignment, these footbeds help prevent excessive foot movement, reducing the likelihood of the medial malleolus impacting against the boot shell.

  2. Foam Shims for Pressure Displacement: In addition to footbeds, the kit also contains foam shims that can be strategically placed within the inner liner of the ski boot. These shims help displace pressure away from problematic areas, offering relief to the sensitive inner ankle. You can use the main shim above the ankle to hold back from above, or you can apply the donut around the affected area to reduce direct contact.

  3. Reshaping Options: If the footbeds and foam shims alone do not completely solve the problem, it is likely that Ski boot shell reshaping can be performed to adjust the shape of the plastic shell to match the skier's unique ankle contours.
    If your model of ski boot allows it (be sure to check), this can be done by heat molding the plastic shell with padding on the ankle to gain better space. Or in extreme cases, you may need to employ the use of a punching tool or to seek the services of a professional boot fitter in your area. 
    If you have some technical skills and know-how, Patriot offers a punching tool that you can use to punch the ankle area. Also there is a tutorial for boots that have heat moldable plastics for easy reshaping. 


Ankle pain should not stand in the way of your enjoyment. The Patriot Footbeds Sore Ankles Kit is your key to conquering ankle pain in ski boots. Whether you're dealing with an unstable foot, medial malleolus impact, or mismatched ankle contours, this kit offers customizable solutions to help you ski comfortably and confidently.

Don't let ankle pain hold you back on the slopes—invest in the Patriot Footbeds Sore Ankles Kit and elevate your skiing to new heights. Your ankles will thank you, and you'll be carving through the snow with a smile on your face.

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