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Elite Socks

The absolute best ski socks in the world! 

Made wi...

$29.00 USD

Tongue Shim

Lock in your lower leg, remove extra volume and stop your...

$18.00 USD

Ski Boot Punching Tool

A tool to punch out a ski boot to common problem areas.

From $15.00 USD

Volume Reducer

The perfect solution for ski boots that have excess space...

$20.00 USD

Heel Wedge

Increase your ski boots ramp angle. 

A heel wedge ...

$15.00 USD


Eliminate Shin Bang for good! Get the best response out o...

$45.00 USD

Ankle Locks

The ankle locks are used to stop your heel lift! 


$15.00 USD

Wool Blend Snapback

Take your Patriotism to the streets.

This classic s...

$29.00 USD


Heat Molding Kit

The perfect kit for when you want to custom mold your boo...

$45.00 USD

Sore Ankles Kit

Get the pressure off the ankle bones.

Use the ankl...

$59.00 USD

Loose Boots Kit

Remove excess space from your boots.

Snug up your ...

$69.00 USD

Shin Bang Kit

Make your shins happy.

Eliminate shin pain for goo...

$100.00 USD

Warm Feet Kit

A pair of footbeds and a pair of socks.

This will ...

$75.00 USD

Freedom Kit

Upgrade your boots.

Get the best comfort and perfo...

$89.00 USD