Patriot footbeds are premium insoles designed
to make you a better skier.

They achieve this by completely supporting your foot and aligning your body into a balanced position. This provides greater control and faster reaction to your skis. If you have never had a footbed, you will notice the instant change to your skiing.

A footbed provides an unmatched feeling of security inside your boots. They set your foot into a stable position inside the boot. The Eva foam used in our footbeds provides a new level of luxury and all our footbeds contain extra shock absorption under the heel.

 With your arch well supported, the foot slide caused by impacts is greatly reduced. With your alignment corrected, your legs will be aligned through the cuff of your boot. These two aspects prevent the all too common toe and shin bang.


Deep Heel Cup

Pure Support

Shock Absorbing

Extra foam under heel to absorb impacts

Metatarsal Pad

Evenly distributes pressure across the forefoot

Comfort Foam

Premium soft foam for comfort

Custom Fit

Premium heat to fit technology

Adaptive Arch

Suits a variety of foot types

Anti Bacterial

Prevent odor

Heat Moldable EVA

Molds to foot