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Shell Fitting

So here we begin the massive subject of ski boot shell fitting. Besides a footbed, the fit of your shells will be the next most important element of your ski...

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Drying Liners

Wet and cold, the worst combination ever!, especially when it comes to your liners. You need to keep your ski boot liners as dry as possible. 

You should...

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Buckling your Boots

A common question I get in the shop is how do you do up your ski boots buckles properly? 

Rather than think about it as a set way...

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Ski Boot Canting

If you can’t keep evenly balanced or flat while you’re skiing, its possible your boots need to get some customization to your ski boots canting.

If you have problems with your...

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Forward Lean and Ramp Angle

If you have ever had difficulties with your balance while skiing? It could be due to your boots not having the right amount of forward lean or ramp angle.


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What is the favorite pain of skiers? SHIN BANG! Everybody loves it. Do you? I am quite sure that you don’t. Here we take a look at causes...

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Cuff Alignment

Making sure your ski boots have the correct cuff alignment!

Pain on the side of your leg? Getting forced off balance? The cuff angle is not right for...

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Do you even flex bro?

It's important that you find a ski boot with a suitable flex for you. If your boots too stiff you will be leaning...

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Are your feet freezing inside your ski boots?

Spending the whole day skiing can be fun, but it can also be cold as hell. Nobody likes cold feet, well, maybe...

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