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Cuff Alignment

Making sure your ski boots have the correct cuff alignment!

Pain on the side of your leg? Getting forced off balance? The cuff angle is not right for...

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Do you even flex bro?

It's important that you find a ski boot with a suitable flex for you. If your boots too stiff you will be leaning...

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Are your feet freezing inside your ski boots?

Spending the whole day skiing can be fun, but it can also be cold as hell. Nobody likes cold feet, well, maybe...

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Footbeds, footbeds, footbeds. Not much more important than a footbed. They make your feet comfortable, just that, right? Actually the list is a bit longer than...

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Welcome to Bootorials

It has begun! Here you will find a video blog of all the information you need to know about ski boots. A new episode will be released each Friday. Join...

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