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Ski boot half sizes

The thing with half sizes in ski boots is that they don't really exist. What you need to know is that if the boot is labelled as a...

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What is Neutral?

One thing you often see in the ski boot realm, is that your foot should be secured in a "neutral" position. The problem is noone then tells you what that...

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Ski Boot Care

So your ski boots take care of your feet all winter. It's really only right that you return the favor in the summer months and look after your investment.


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How Ski Boots should Feel

Are you sure on how a ski boot should feel on your feet?

One of the biggest problems with people selecting ski boots is that most people are...

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Feet Cramping in Ski Boots

Cramping Feet suck! There are few reasons why this might occur while you’re skiing. Lets look at the things that will cause cramps and what you can do...

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Putting on Ski Boots

Putting your ski boots on in the morning should not be a battle! 

If you approach this with the right technique, you will be able to get your ski boots...

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Ski Boot Stretching

Have you got some ski boots that don't fit quite right? Feeling constant aches and pains all day? The good news is your boot shells can be stretched,...

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Toe Bang

Want to end toe bang? Have your ski boots given you a black toe? Do you get slammed into the front of your boots. Getting crushed in the...

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